The 3 Biggest Mistakes Moms Make in a Culture Gone Crazy.

Are you making one of them? Look, we're living in a time when making one of these 3 mistakes could cause our kids to struggle.

You are one short class away to equipping your kids so the crazy culture can't crush them!

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In this Masterclass, I will show you how to:

👉 Be Confident in the "Experts" you lean on

👉Teach your kids how to have Healthy Independence

👉 Identify and fully claim the power of Absolute Truth

You CAN raise confident, self-reliant, resilient kids that can’t be crushed by the matter what the culture throws their way!

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    Mona Corwin

    I help Christian moms crush it at motherhood instead of motherhood crushing them

    Who am I?

    I’m an Author, International Speaker, Podcaster, host of the Patriot.TV Network, “MomsLikeUs Do ThingsLikeThis Show”. But most people just call me Mumma Mona or Mona, The Mom Mentor.

    Hey there, lil’ mumma... Does this sound like you?

    • You’re struggling with how to share your faith with your little ones…
    • Terrified that your kids are going to be pulled into all the bad things going on in the world right now…
    • Not sure how to protect your kids from being messed up by worldly media and influences out there…

    Your'e not alone! For the first time, I’m bringing this to moms for FREE in my upcoming masterclass.